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Below you will find a questionnaire specifically designed for brewpub/Microbrewery. With the information you provide we will work out a customized quotation that meets your requirements and expectations. In case you have any issues with filling out the questionnaire, please feel free to to contact us at + 86 (0) 15362036097 or by sending an email to


1.1 When do you want to have your first beer ready for consumption?

1.2 When do you need delivery of the brewery equipment?

1.3 How many different beers do you plan on brewing?

1.4 How many brews would you be comfortable brewing per week?

(1 brew takes about 8 hours)/brews per week

1.5 What will be your yearly capacity?

(1hL = 100 liter)

The first year: hL

An average year: hL

Maximum year: hL

1.6 What size of brewhouse would you prefer? Or would you like for us to make a recommendation based on the other information you provide?

hl Or make recommendation

1.7 What is the percentage of the total volume of beer you will brew in lagers and ales?

% lagers % ales


2.1 What is the average original gravity of the beers you plan on producing?

° Plato

2.2 Do you have proper water quantity and quality for brewing?

Yes or No

Do you have a water analysis available or can you obtain one from

your water company?

Yes / No

2.3 Are there restrictions on water usage or disposal of water?

Yes / No

If yes, please provide details below:

2.4 What electrical voltage do you have available and in what frequency?

3 phase voltage: 1 phase voltage: 50Hz or 60Hz

2.5 Will you be milling your own malt or buy it pre-milled?

Milling own or Buying pre-milled malt

2.6 Will any form of malt or grist handling be necessary? (grist case, auger,...)

Yes / No

2.7 Will BTB be supplying your steam boiler?

Yes / No

If yes, will it be fired with:

Natural gas

Propane gas

Light oil

2.8 Will BTB be supplying your glycol chiller?

Yes / No

If yes, what is the MAXIMUM ambient temperature in the brewery?


2.9 Is it allowed to put a vapor stack on the kettle or do we need to foresee a condensor?

Stack / Condensor

2.10 What level of automation do you prefer?

Low / Low-medium / Medium-high / High

2.11 Is a cold liquor tank required?

Yes / No

If yes, what capacity (based on the kettle size):

Single brew / Double / Triple

2.12 Is a hot liquor tank required?

Yes / No

If yes, what capacity (based on the brew size):

Single / Double / Triple

2.13 What fermentation and conditioning/lagering times do you plan for?

Ale fermentation: days Ale lagering: days

Lager fermentation: days Lager lagering: days

2.14 How many unitanks for fermenting and lagering and of what size will you be needing?

N° tanks of hl

N° tanks of hl

2.15 What type of beer filtration do you plan on using?

Diatomaceous earth filtration (DE)

Sheet filtration (plate & frame)

2.16 The beer will be: (select all applicable)

Served from distribution tanks



2.17 Can all the equipment be moved into the brewery? What is the maximum opening for bringing the equipment in?

Height Width meters

What floor surface area do you have available?


What is the ceiling height in the brewery?


2.18 Additional equipment needed: (select all applicable)

Air compressor

CIP unit

Hop strainers

Keg washer

Yeast brink


2.19 Other comments:

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